Monday, December 22, 2014


2014 saw a new breed of company-forced matrixes being introduced to the masses, where products sold range from banner advertising to blogging platforms for each position sold. Earnings can be anywhere from 200%-800% upon the completion of each cycle. 

A few came, cycled, stalled and close before ever getting the chance to reach the end of the year. A few solid ones have grown stronger due to solid foundation in their website management and compensation plan, professional and communicative owners and admins as well as solid payment processors. 

Everything coming together, even will minor hiccups, helped make the programs strong enough to continue bringing in new members on a daily basis. If you would like to test the waters, please review the following programs. Do your own research and start out with a position or two until you feel comfortable enough to promote them yourselves. All the best for 2015. Let's make this a truly blessing and prosperous year!

Xtreme Pro System

Xtreme Pro System is a registered business selling Network Blogging Platform with PLR products along with training as their primary business. Basically, each position purchased at the cost of $45 will allow a member to have access to his own blogging website, PLR products with resell rights and banner ad credits worth 50,000 points.

Each position purchased is placed in a company-forced matrix and allows the member's position to cycle after a certain period of time due to the constant purchases made by members within the system and each position cycled* will earn the member $300.

                             How Much You Can Earn In Each Position
After Cycle

Members can purchase positions via Paypal and SolidTrust Pay for the moment and get paid out with either way.

There is a referral commission of $5 for every position purchased. This can really add up!

* How long it takes to cycle depends on how many positions are purchased and not based on the number of members within the system


Team Dash

Team Dash tagline is "your one stop shop for the easiest money you probably ever made!" It is a simple company-forced  matrix which sells rotating Text and Banner ads and offers 3 buy-in options.

Purchase $25 and receive $200 - Receive Cash worth $125 and 3 new spots worth $25       

Purchase $45 and receive $400 - Receive Cash worth $265 and 3 new spots worth $45     

Purchase $65 and receive $500 - Receive Cash worth $305 and 3 new spots worth $65    

Members can purchase unlimited number of positions on each tier and the mandatory repurchase set up as shown above will help keep the funds moving and members paid for a long time.

Method of payment are credit/debit cards, and Payoneer. It is recently launched but is waiting for a few more purchases for payouts to take place.

You can sign up at 
You can purchase spots at

How long it takes to cycle depends on how many positions are purchased and not based on the number of members within the system


Unison Wealth

Unison Wealth is an advertising site that caters to your advertising needs. When you buy positions, you buy advertising packages that you can use to promote your business opportunities. earnings are just a bonus that you receive with each Purchase. It is based on a 4 x 1 company-forced matrix where everyone is constantly pushing each other’s positions to cycle and earn. 
It’s a subscription-based program where each $2 position will earn you a total of $103 in cycling commissions over the course of 5 cycles. Each cycle earns you more payouts when they complete. You also earn up to $56 per position in your subscription balance that automatically keeps buying you, and everyone, new positions daily. This means the system is constantly being pushed every day.
Referral commissions can be earned you to $29 for every referral’s position as they cycle through and also up to $9 in your sub wallet per referral’s position. The cost of a subscription is $35, where $30 will be placed in your subscription wallet and the remaining $5 will be used to pay referral commissions Each day, 42 is deducted from your subscription wallet and purchases you a new position on Level 1. There is also a registration fee of $5, so each new member will need to fund at least $40 in their wallet.

This is what happens each time you cycle each level. Each subscription costs only $2!
Note:  when one level cycles, you get a free entry into the next level.

Cash Wallet
Your Sub Wallet
Sponsor’s Cash Wallet
Sponsor’s Sub Wallet
Total >>

Level: The level in which you are placed. Each subscription begins at Level 1.
Cash Wallet: How much you can withdraw/use to buy new subscription.
Your Sub Wallet: The amount in your subscription wallet which you can only use to buy new subscriptions worth $2 each.
Sponsor’s Cash Wallet: Your sponsor’s cash wallet which he can withdraw//use to buy new subscriptions.
Sponsor’s Sub Wallet: The amount in your sponsor’s subscription wallet which he can only use to buy new subscriptions worth $2 each.

Referral Commission

If you refer others then you can also earn referral commissions from your referrals. You earn each time they activate a subscription, down 3 levels, $3, $1, $1 PLUS commissions per referral position as it cycles through the levels, the total per refs position from cycles is.
$29 to cash wallet.
$9 to subscription wallet.

How Do You Fund?
To enable everyone to participate, 7 payment processors have been offered: Payza, SolidTrust Pay, Payeer, BitCoin, OkPay, Perfect Money and EgoPay.